Habits of an Optimist Course

Welcome to the Habits of an Optimist Course

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Course Duration: 50 minutes

What if optimism could be learnt?

Learning to think optimistically could help us experience life in a more positive and uplifting way.

Experts claim that the real difference between optimists and pessimists isn’t in their level of happiness or in how they perceive a situation, but in how they cope.

“Choose optimism, it feels better.”

We encourage you to go through this course with an open mind, focusing on the modules that make the most sense to you.

Which habit will help you be that little bit more optimistic?

Course Narrators featuring:

Each module will include:

  • Habits of an Optimist video
  • Additional resources – the additional resources are made up of podcasts, books and videos relevant to the habit and will allow you to explore the topic in more depth. These are optional items that are there to support your learning.
  • Module Activity – once you complete the module activity, your responses will be sent to you in an email. We encourage you to use these responses as a resource.

What to do:

  • Work through each module in visual order
  • Watch the video(s), complete the activity and explore the additional resources

As with all learning, take what you need and leave what you don’t.
Things will emerge as you need them, and you can access them as needed.