About Us

Project Optimism is a Not for Profit organisation set up with the mission to spread optimism. Bringing together the expertise of The Centre for Optimism and Educate to Elevate, namely Victor Perton, Noirin Mosley and Jenny Boymal, Project Optimism focuses on helping people adopt habits of an optimist, with the end goal of feeling lighter, brighter and feeling a sense of hope and optimism. 
With a focus on supporting the Not for Profit sector, Project Optimism works with community groups, social enterprises, other Not for Profits to help them share optimism with their community, their volunteers and their teams.
One of the core triggers for starting Project Optimism was the Global Pandemic. From the very beginning of the pandemic it was obvious that people who previously did not struggle with mental illness were struggling with the restrictions placed upon them. Taking away the simple things that we all took for granted, like going out for dinner with friends, celebrating with family and attending events. When we analysed this, it was clear that many of the activities that people were so used to having in their lives and that helped them manage the normal ups and downs that we all experience were now removed. It became so important to focus on how we can proactively engage in activities and habits that help foster optimism. 

Our Key Partners

The Centre For optimism

Victor Perton founded the Centre for Optimism.  He had been working globally as a trade and investment commissioner and then as an adviser to the Australian G20 presidency.  Everywhere he went there was a positive reaction to his Australian character and story.  Moving back to Australia he was bewildered by the negativity towards leadership in a country with one of the world’s highest standards of living.

Rather than complain about the complainers, Victor established The Australian Leadership Project to explore the traits of Australian leadership.  After many interviews and shared research, Victor and the team concluded the leadership was pretty good from small business to NGOs to government.  So why the negativity?

Victor’s ‘aha’ moment came at the Global Integrity Summit – it’s not so much a problem with leadership but a fog of pessimism.  

The research shows that optimism is the underpinning of longevity, good health, resilience, strategy and innovation.  Yet there is a global mood of pessimism.

Encouraged by a former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Victor turned his speech from the Global Integrity Summit into a book, “The Case for Optimism: The Optimists’ Voices.”  The book became popular very quickly and Victor’s work evolved into keynote speeches, panels and lectures on The Case for Optimism.

Victor’s question to others on this evolved to become “What makes you Optimistic?”


Educate To Elevate

Educate to Elevate was founded by Noirin Mosley and Jenny Boymal.

We are passionate about education and its role in the modern workplace. We see ‘meaningful learning’ as a wonderful contributor to positive workplace culture and greater productivity.

Educate to Elevate delivers online learning solutions that proactively improve the induction of new staff, address existing learning roadblocks in the workplace and create a culture, that fosters both innovation and a love of learning itself.

We use a variety of interactive learning tools on our platforms such as animation, interactive video, and active learning programs.

We give workplace options – you can tick compliance boxes AND you can create meaningful, learning outcomes. The two can and should co-exist.

Educate to Elevate can help businesses put their existing training programs online, develop new programs, and migrate face to face programs into an online environment.

We also work on a number of highly customized and bespoke learning offerings too – Project Optimism being prominent in this space.