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Habit 1 - Smile like an optimist

Chief Optimistic Officer, The Centre for Optimism
Victor’s LinkedIn Profile

Victor’s work centres on “The Infectiously Optimistic Leader” and “infectious optimism”.
Victor achieves this through inspiring keynote speeches, leading retreats, productive roundtables, meditation and one-to-one coaching. 
Victor wrote “The Case for Optimism: The Optimists’ Voices” to give voice to the yearning for a positive approach to leadership and life.  My follow up book “Optimism: The How and Why” answered requests for more of “The How” of optimism.

NBCA’s Website

The National Boys Choir of Australia was established in 1964 and enjoys an international reputation as one of Australia’s best boys choirs. The 100-voice Performing Choir rehearses twice weekly at the Choir’s studios in Ringwood, and presents an annual concert series. The boys also tour every year locally or internationally, and are well-known for their broadcast performances, including the 2000 Olympic Games opening ceremony, Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight, and several years of advertisements for Qantas.

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah © Disney’s ‘Song of the South’ 1946
Performed by: The National Boys Choir of Australia, directed by Peter Casey 
The Smile © Jez Alborough
Narrated by: Harry and Robin

Habit 2: Laugh like an Optimist

CEO – The Executive Brand | Ambassador to The Royal Office UAE
Ahmad’s LinkedIn Profile

Ahmad Imam is an Egyptian – Australian entrepreneur, tv presenter, radio host, social media personality, and global influencer. He is the Founder and CEO of the elite personal branding agency The Executive Brand, and Ambassador to the Royal Office UAE.

Habit 3: Ask yourself ‘What makes you optimistic?’

Tima Media & Consulting
Tima’s LinkedIn Profile

We help CEOs, Corporates & ASX Listed Companies create a strong digital brand.

Our service is end-to-end covering content strategy, content creation, production, design & lead generation. 

We also help our clients create Private Podcasts in order to connect with their teams and provide them with life changing content.

Habit 4: Think like an Optimist

Sales Coach
Rana’s LinkedIn Profile

Rana Kordahi is a sales coach, NLP practitioner, writer and speaker. She’s the founder of the Selling Academy and has a passion for teaching sales. 

The Tradie Chick
Kiki’s LinkedIn Profile

With years of experience backing her, Kiki has changed the world of marketing! With her passion for helping tradies and the building and construction industry, Kiki has shaken up the advertising world with fresh, creative and incredible content that has seen her business and influence within the industry boom! 

Habit 5: Ask others ‘what makes you optimistic?’

CEO, Symphony 7 | Director, Educate to Elevate
Jenny’s LinkedIn Profile

Jenny is the CEO of Symphony 7, a Business Community focused on supporting connection, growth with underpinning values of using profit as a force for good.

Jenny is also a Director of Educate to Elevate, a business specialising in building bespoke online learning platforms. With a specialisation in workplace induction programs, taking offline course offerings and bringing them online, and the commercialising of online learning courses.

Innovator thinker, journalist
Ted’s LinkedIn Profile

Ted Perton is a Melbourne-based journalist and student. He is currently the News Editor for, the world’s most followed travel blog.
He is a Year 10 student at Melbourne Grammar School, and enjoys debating and languages.
Ted’s optimism is broad, with an appreciation for the good in all people!Finally, Ted is also a private pilot, who loves to take in Melbourne sunsets from 3000 feet!

Habit 6: Daydream like an Optimist

Motivational Speaker/Author, Mariam Issa
Mariam’s LinkedIn Profile

In inspiring one million women to connect to their innate potential!

From Somalia’s war-tone Mogadisho to the World’s most livable city Melbourne, to Strengthening my cultural currency through sharing the wealth of my nation(CookwithMariam), to opening my backyard as a community garden and holding a healing space for women, to becoming an author of a Resilient life, to founding Mariam Issa a brand of storytelling in unlocking potential, I passionately believe all we need in overcoming adversity is a stretch of the imagination.

Habit 7: Use the language of Optimism

Director, Educate to Elevate | Director, Raceparty
Noirin’s LinkedIn Profile

Noirin Mosley has worked in 6 different industries in 3 different continents in her career to date: Namely Insurance, Disability, Consumer Electronics (Sony), Online Wall Art and more recently Entertainment (Race Party) and Online Learning (Educate to Elevate).
She likes to build and support business communities and is a committee member for both LinkedinLocal Melbourne, Melbourne Business Network and is an Ambassador for Symphony 7.

Noirin is originally from Ireland, plays the Irish harp and believes that Optimism can really be learnt!

Habit 8: Write and Share Positive Affirmations

Creative Entrepreneur
Diana’s LinkedIn Profile

Diana Nguyen is an actor, comedian and Creative Entrepreneur. She has worked in the entertainment industry for 15 years and has appeared on The Project, Q&A, 5 bedrooms, How to Stay Married and more.  She co-wrote the first Vietnamese Australian family comedy series, Phi and Me TV was released in June 2019.

Habit 9: Surround yourself with Optimistic People

Managing Director, Success Resources
Michael’s LinkedIn Profile

Michael is a successful Entrepreneur having started and run 9 business’s (1 business successfully listed on the Australian Stock Exchange). With over $1billion in sales through his businesses, Michael is considered an Expert in the touring space having run more than 1400 events in the last 17 years. Michael is passionate about the entrepreneur scene and is one of only a few who specialise in educating Entrepreneurs.

Habit 10: Manage your News Intake like an Optimist

Partner, Deloitte Access Economics
Nicki’s LinkedIn Profile

Nicki Hutley is a highly experienced economist, with broad-based expertise gained over three decades of practice in financial and investment markets and in consulting. She is a senior partner with Deloitte Access Economics and is particularly interested in the intersection of economy, society, and environment.

Her research has covered areas from housing affordability to modern slavery, climate change to gender equity, and the impact of technologies on our economic structures.
In 2020, Nicki was admitted as an expert faculty member (economics) to Singularity University. Nicki is a former Chair of the NSW Women in Economics Network, a current council member for the Economics Society of Australia (NSW) and the Australian Business Economists, and a Board member for One Million Women.

Nicki is also a frequent commentator in the media and is a regular guest on both The Drum and The Project.

Jey’s LinkedIn Profile

Jey Srikantha is a tech entrepreneur based in Melbourne.
He runs multiple award-winning software businesses globally.
Jey is also a paraplegic, music/movie producer, lyricist, and an eternal optimist.

Habit 11: Share stories of Hope and Optimism


As Neville Christie heads towards his 79th birthday, he remains an action-oriented Futurist, serial entrepreneur and innovationist, who claims:   “We remain optimistic about the future as we become future makers.”

Neville daily commits to joint venturing with SMEs of many hues to ensure we all survive and thrive this tumultuous decade. Among many activities he is currently building a group of “Futurists Remaking Our Futures Far Better,” on LinkedIn.

Habit 12: Forgive like an Optimist

Joseph’s LinkedIn Profile
Born in India | Raised in Australia | Presently based in Singapore

Joseph has spearheaded growth across multiple industries and countries through strategic marketing and branding practices while focusing on the human connection in business. 

He firmly believes leaders need to be the same in Real Life, that they are in Reel Life, because that is what people resonate with.

Habit 13: Practice Gratitude like an Optimist

Blue Ocean Strategist
Paris’s LinkedIn Profile

Paris Cutler is a Blue Ocean Strategist, life coach, committed optimist and seasoned business owner. She helps entrepreneurs, companies and social media influencers stand out in crowded markets by uncovering their genius and designing a strategy and business that aligns with it. In turn, creating #1 brands that vibrate with success and meaning.

Leader, Adviser, Multicultural, Refugee Experience, Inclusion, Community & Youth Engagement
Lizzy’s LinkedIn Profile

Whimsical, wise, and courageous, Lizzy Kuoth is a woman to watch and at 29, has already lived a very full life. As a child, Lizzy fled war-torn South Sudan with her grandmother and three younger brothers, spending four years in Egypt before arriving in Melbourne in 2005. Fast-forward 15 years and Lizzy is carving out her own niche at the intersection of economics (which she is currently studying), diversity and inclusion.

When not working, you’ll find Lizzy sipping tea, writing poems, and reflecting on families, friends, and making the world a better place.

Habit 14: Learn and Innovate like an Optimist

Consultant, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author
John’s LinkedIn Profile

John has spent over 40 years in Silicon Valley and has experience as a management consultant, entrepreneur, speaker and author. He is driven by a desire to help individuals and institutions around the world to increase their impact in a rapidly changing world. In addition to his current role as leader of the Center for the Edge at Deloitte, he has worked with McKinsey & Co. and Boston Consulting Group. He also served as senior vice president of strategy at Atari, Inc., and is the founder of two Silicon Valley startups. He currently occupies leadership roles at the World Economic Forum and the Santa Fe Institute, and he serves on the faculty of Singularity University.

Founder of Project Displaced
Anthony’s LinkedIn Profile

Anthony Cohen is a Brand and Marketing Executive with more than 20 years experience in the airline, travel, entertainment and telecommunications industries. He is also the Founder of Project Displaced, a social enterprise in response to the COVID crisis. Project Displaced provides job seekers across Australia with one-on-one professional job search support, career coaching, mindset coaching and mental health first-aid.  All services are provided free of charge, 7 days a week by an amazing team of qualified, professional coaches, recruiters, HR generalists, psychologists, life coaches and mental health specialists who all volunteer their time and expertise to help others.